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Digital Marketing 

You get a full-service marketing agency experience without the sticker shock of paying for heavy overhead costs back loaded into your invoice. 

Digital Marketing moves the needle.
Consider this upheaval.  

The chips were down; the marketing budget got tight. Seth called us to explain his plight. 


People visited his website and quickly ran. The company conveyed - an untrustworthy brand. 


Our team ripped the website up at the roots. Then we launched campaigns to herald the truth. 


Facebook. LinkedIn. MeetUp. Zoom. Stunning landing pages - Boom!


Webinar attendance filled up in a month. And Seth said goodbye to his budget crunch. 


People now invest in his real estate offers. Good for him and his coffers!


So the story goes -


With all the technology Seth had on hand, only imaginative marketers could position his brand. 

Kate Roa Marketing digital marketing services

Clear Digital Marketing Results
10-20 Business Days

Social Media Marketing 

Email Marketing

A/B Testing


Content Marketing

Paid Advertising 

Search Engine Optimization 

Website Design 

Website User Experience 

Website Optimization

Landing Pages  

Data Analytics 

Data Appending

A digital marketing campaign might look like this - paid advertising on social media channels or websites, automated email marketing, website landing pages, lead capture forms, Search Engine Optimization, and free social media posting. 


The best digital marketing campaigns increase sales 3-7 times depending on the quality of your sales data or consumer research. Kate can work one-on-one with you or your team to assess the data quality. 


If you have little to no data, Kate's team can do market research and competitor analyses to determine consumer profiles. The consumer profiles reveal audience segments and keywords for the copywriter, video content creator, and graphic designer. 


When the data looks clean and robust, three campaign phases go into a strategic plan: Brand Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. The creative work starts with attention to which marketing channels and media formats will likely engage segmented audiences. 


Before any campaign launch, Kate does a baseline summary report to benchmark the amount of audience engagement. Ongoing reports will show steady improvements in Brand Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.. 

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