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Love your beautiful mind. 

Turn Your Wise Ideas into  Additional Income 

If you embrace the entrepreneurial spirit with us, your beautiful mind will thank you. 


Your brain and muscles know no age, so a senior citizen startup package could be for you if you have an itch for adventure in the business area. Annually, we extend two exclusive startup business packages tailored for individuals aged 65 and above.

You're in for a bonus if you live near High Bridge, NJ. You'll have access to our personalized 'kitchen table' coaching sessions with industry experts Kate and Lou. Dive deep, understand the nuances, and turn your business vision into a tangible income-stream reality.

All you need to begin? A touch of essential skills and the commitment to write your thoughts once a week. 

Golden Years Business Startups | 65+

Meet Dr. Jerry Greenberg 
Founder, Empire Chiropractic 
Senior Marketing Solutions:
Transitioning Local Businesses Post-Pandemic

Dr. Jerry Greenberg

After four decades as a renowned chiropractor, Jerry faced a setback due to the pandemic, causing his bustling NYC practice to take a hit. Seeking a fresh start, he envisioned converting it into a home-based venture in Nyack, NY.

Our first step was reclaiming and optimizing his Google Business page, previously under a different vendor, to ensure local visibility and prompt customer engagement. Collaborating with his lead generation and website teams, we enhanced lead quality and online presence.

Recognizing the need for a digital boost tailored for senior entrepreneurs, we crafted Jerry a new Wix website targeting local clientele. With regular blog entries and Google Business posts, Jerry's practice now thrives in its local market, showing other seniors the potential of post-pandemic resurgence.

Meet Sunnie Mortimer
Founder, Natural-Resilience
Senior Business Launch:
Transforming Ideas into Flourishing Ventures

Sunnie Mortimer

With her holistic nursing and brain training prowess, Sunnie is a beacon of wellness, guiding many to feel at ease in their mind and body. 

When she approached KRM, she held a business spark. Collaborating with Kate, Sunnie transformed this idea into a clear vision for her venture, 'Natural-Resilience.' KRM offered Sunnie an SEO-rich Wix website, a fully optimized Google Business page, and active social media profiles across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to kickstart this senior entrepreneur dream. 

Amplifying her brand, we ensured professional photography, built out her professional network, provided adept project management, and lent strategic business consultancy.

Today, Sunnie is securely in the growth stage of her envisioned enterprise. With Kate's technical guidance and KRM interns driving her social media momentum, she's a testament to how seniors can embrace the entrepreneurial arena. 

Meet Lee B. Roth
Founder, Law Roth 
Senior Marketing Solutions:
Amplifying Senior Business Success, Flemington, NJ

Lee B. Roth

With over four decades as a prominent real estate lawyer, Lee's passion for his profession and dedication to the Flemington, NJ community remains undiminished. While he's shifted gears from a full-time to part-time role, his love for law remains the same.

In 2018, our team at KRM recognized the unique needs of senior entrepreneurs like Lee. We tailored an SEO-driven Wix website for him, complemented by a blog, Facebook presence, and targeted email marketing campaigns.

Today, Lee's investment continues to reap rewards. He garners fresh leads weekly, thanks to the specialized contact forms on his Wix site.


Furthermore, our localized SEO copywriting ensures he remains a top choice for real estate legal services in Flemington, exemplifying how senior professionals can dominate the market with the right marketing strategy.

Meet Rober H. Gardner 
Founder, RHG Photography
Senior Entrepreneur Success:
From Real Estate to Photography 

Robert H. Gardner

After wrapping up a distinguished 30-year journey in real estate investment, Robert embraced a new passion: photography. With an aim to turn this hobby into a revenue stream during his golden years, he sought expert senior-focused marketing assistance.

Our team at KRM tailored a digital strategy for this budding senior entrepreneur. We crafted an SEO-optimized Wix website for him, harnessed the power of social media through Facebook, and initiated targeted campaigns via MailChimp email marketing. Now, in his 80s, Robert is not only selling his artwork locally but also making waves online.

Remarkably, Robert's venture supplements his income, letting him fuel his photography pursuits without touching his retirement nest egg. Despite starting with limited marketing know-how, he's expanded his digital footprint, now featuring his art in renowned galleries, illustrating that with the right guidance, senior professionals can carve out successful post-retirement ventures.

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