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We've been reliable profit- improvers for small businesses and startups since 2002.

We’re a pleasure to work with!

What Makes

Integrity + Grit

Kate Roa Marketing values ethics, entrepreneurship, innovation, and continuous learning. 

We have been trusted right-hand marketers to small business owners since 2002 - always transferring skills and knowledge and driving business.  

We lend a hand to Senior Citizens Each Year - 


We offer two discounted startup packages yearly to people over 65 who want to launch their dream business. Seniors receive one-on-one support from Kate Roa and interns who have shown outstanding discipline in their areas of expertise. 


The interns build an authentic portfolio of work to win the attention of hiring managers while receiving above-market value compensation and kind support to foster high self-esteem. 


This symbiotic relationship with people is the heart of our brand. You will find us impeccably ethical and a genuine pleasure to collaborate with. 

Our Team

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Kate L. Roa

Kate L. Roa 

Kate founded KRM in 2002. Recently, she co-secured the second round of funding for a start-up company with data-intensive business and marketing analytics, an integrated marketing plan, and investor relations pitching. Her resourceful thinking and emotional intelligence are assets in growing a company or network or building a team. 

Louis DiGena

Lou DiGena

Lou specializes in design, photography, and video -capturing manufacturing and service processes for investor, public, and media relations campaigns. Lou's eye for detail and coaching style are an asset to any team project. Visual Arts Professor - Lou DiGena has 30+ years of experience educating first-generation immigrant students at St. John's University in Queens. 

Kaitlyn D'Alessio

Kaitlyn D'Alessio

Kaitlyn supports KRM as an intern as she pursues her degree in Marketing and Advertising. She manages one of two senior citizen startups, providing blog editing and social media in the health and wellness market. Kaitlyn is a highly skilled photographer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive for excellence. 

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