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About Us

Kate Roa Marketing + PR has been in business since 2002. Kate launched the company to help entrepreneurs structure and grow start-ups that would attract angel investors, secure bank funding, or spin-off to a larger company. 


In 2008, the strategy consulting business evolved into a boutique agency to meet the market demand for data-savvy marketing and public relations services. 


The company team includes Kate L. Roa, a market researcher, data analyst, and strategic communications expert for top-tier public relations firms, government entities, and German-based corporations. Kate also stays engaged in promising small businesses and start-ups seeking to scale and secure funding.


Lou DiGena, a teaming partner since 2008, leads the content creation arm of the company. You can expect mastery in the visual arts, including onsite photography, filming, and editing. Lou's work for German-based Rheinmetall has been featured on NPR, History Channel, and major news outlets and garnered significant recognition in the government sector. 


From longstanding teaming partner Rich Dottinger, you can expect mastery in large-scale design work for trade shows, traveling exhibitions, museums, and retail outlets. Rich's portfolio includes Fortune 50 GE, Ben & Jerry's, the Culinary Institute of America, Game of Thrones, and more. 

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