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Discover the difference that expert guidance can make in your marketing journey. At Kate Roa Marketing, we offer tailored marketing consulting solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every business.

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Kate L. Roa 
Founder KRM 
Kate Roa Marketing Kate Roa Consultant

Approaches - 


Comprehensive Discovery & Needs Assessment

Our journey begins with a deep dive into understanding your business. Through our comprehensive discovery sessions, we listen, learn, and uncover the nuances that define your brand, which enables us to curate strategies that resonate with your mission and values..

Meticulous Marketing Audit

Unearth the strengths and weaknesses in your current marketing efforts with our rigorous marketing audit. This audit provides clear insights into areas that require enhancement and those that are performing optimally. By identifying these, we can direct our efforts more efficiently, ensuring you get the maximum ROI.

Build a Robust Customer Base

Your audience is out there; it's our job to connect you. Through data-driven techniques and innovative solutions, we aid businesses in expanding their customer reach, nurturing leads, and turning them into loyal brand ambassadors.

Reposition in the Marketplace

Whether you're looking to redefine your brand image or enter new market segments, our marketing consulting services will empower you. We strategize, execute, and monitor campaigns that place you right where you want to be in the market landscape.

Obtain Funding through Strategic Marketing Pitching

Let your marketing do the talking. With our bespoke strategies, we prepare you to present your business in the best light, showcasing growth potential and a strong market presence to potential investors.


Why Choose Kate Roa Marketing Consulting?

Success in marketing requires a blend of art and science. With our expertise, commitment, and innovative approach, we ensure that your brand doesn't just survive but thrives in today's competitive marketplace.

About Kate Roa - 

Kate's professional background includes - Market Research, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Business Analysis, Marketing Analysis, Marketing Audits, Business Development, Networking Intros, Start-up Plans, Investor Funding, and Media Outreach.   


Her recent successes include a $2.7 million sales pipeline for advertising and public relations giant Kantar/WPP in London, second-round funding for veteran-owned Condition One Nutrition, webinar capacity in one month for Peoples Capital Group, and funding, national media attention, and awards for Chocodiem. 

2023 Success
Erhan Yildiz PhD
Erhan Yildiz PhD
Simply Good Ingredients 

"Finding experts who will think for and with you is the biggest challenge as a business owner. When you find such individuals, you know you can trust that they will: 1-) take care of what needs to be done in their area of expertise, 2-) think about ways to improve your business, 3-) proactively do things that improve your operations and efficiency. That way you can focus on your priorities as opposed to feeling like you have to do everything.

Kate Roa is that person for your marketing needs. If you are not working with her, you are missing out."

Sunnie Mortimer
Sunnie Mortimer

I have the highest praise for Kate Roa Marketing and her team! Kate is stellar in her state-of-art marketing knowledge and execution. Additionally, Kate has gone above and beyond to understand and know the essence of who I am, and my business. She has masterfully guided me through the marketing process, expertly designed my website and social media, and continues to build a deeper and broader marketing platform. I know my business is in good hands with Kate’s high caliber of service, her professionalism, integrity and kindness.

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