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Case Studies 

Every small business owner and solo entrepreneur struggles with setting up a practical marketing strategy. We add value by showing them what's possible in surprising ways. 

We find the quick wins. Get results in 10-20 Business Days.

Kantar / WPP 
Advertising Industry

$2.7 Million in 6 Months  

Kantar's subsidiary, Lightspeed Research, designed a Facebook consumer insights research platform. The design engineers imagined advertising agencies would use the new Facebook data layers to create spot-on Ads. This far-out idea could potentially save Ad creation costs by showing content creators what would resonate with minimal audience testing.


Advertising agencies didn't bite. Oh boy. 


A Kantar-affiliated Vice President of Sales reached out to Kate Roa to discuss a potentially unserved market in the public relations industry. 


Kate delivered public relations services through her company and transitioned a boutique public relations firm into a structured billing agency. She knew what the current marketing and public relations technology could do and not do. 


The call went well. Kate signed on to sell consumer insights and build out a new market. 


Through strategic planning, C-Level introductions, market research interviews, and demonstrations, Kate found perfect fits in 2 months. The buyers ended up being brand managers in top public relations firms like Ogilvy, Cohn & Wolf, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Hill&Knowlton. Within six months, Kate filled the sales pipeline with $2.5 million in new business and made a lucrative introduction to the CEO for custom panels in the healthcare industry. 

Big Challenge.
Big Results!
Peoples Capital Group
Real Estate Investing 

Full Webinar in 1 Month  

Co-founders Seth Martinez and Aaron Fragnito tried to attract qualified real estate investors through digital marketing tactics. They hit a wall. The Peoples Capital website didn't project sophistication or success, and the domain name was flagged by Google as spammy. 


Seth and Aaron connected with Kate Roa for digital marketing consulting. After an hour-long call, Kate signed on to move the marketing forward. 


With full access to the company's marketing platforms, Kate ran a baseline summary report to track progress. In her estimation, seminar seats would fill once the new website went live and the first set of ten social media Ads ran. 


Facebook and Instagram paid advertising made sense until the domain name spam ranking could be resolved with Google and Infusionsoft email marketing took off. 


The newly branded website launched with search engine optimized copywriting, clever Google tagged images, branded and optimized social media and real estate specific networking channels, and of course, an optimized Google Business page profile. 


Custom tags and pixels integrated into the website showed where, when, and how ideal traffic came to the site to sign up or call. Kate attached a heat map on the website's backend to see how people engaged with the  pages. Copywriting and images rotated in and out until engagement hit a sweet spot. 


Within a month, Peoples Capital Group filled the seminar seats. Seth and Aaron appreciated Kate's lateral thinking and insight as the business relationship progressed. 

Joe Peters
Coldwell Bankers

Top Thought Leader 3 Months

Joe Peters worked for Weichert Realtors until he got a sweet offer from Coldwell Banker Realty to build out the real estate markets in Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, NJ.


Joe and Kate Roa met at a Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce meeting and liked each other’s business acumen. They did lunch and sealed a deal. Kate agreed to get Joe's name positioned as a thought leader within three months and prove it with robust data analytics reports.


Joe gave Kate access to his WordPress website, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Mailchimp marketing platforms. Kate integrated tracking codes and pixels to set up reporting and ran a baseline summary report to prove steady progress.


While the data populated into the reports, Kate set up a Google Business page profile with a custom tracking tag. She redirected Weichert Realtors' online directory links and citations to Coldwell Banker Realty. Seven days into the project, free search traffic went up 22%. 


Joe loves to compete and create. He and Kate co-created content for social media Ads, social posts, videos, newsletters, articles, print Ads, and digital website Ads. Joe received Kate's robust monthly analytics reports and recommendations to move his budget into the marketing tactics that made sense. 


Within three months, Joe's name appeared in a Google search with Hunterdon and Somerset County Real Estate Market. He ranked above all the real estate brands for Hunterdon and Somerset counties, including Coldwell Banker Realty. When Joe walked into a networking event, people knew him without an introduction. Prospective home sellers and buyers knew where to find the best information to make an informed decision. 

Jean-Paul Hepp
Chocodiem Gourmet Candy 

National Brand 7 Months

Jean-Paul, solo entrepreneur of Chocodiem, ran a small Belgium truffle shop in Clinton, NJ. The NYTimes ran a story on his exquisite handmade confections, among other top media outlets. Despite the accolades, JP thought Clinton's sales had peaked, so he launched another shop in Easton, PA. Sales were terrific, yet overall, business entity profits got tight. 


Kate Roa invited JP to Starbucks. After an hour-long discovery talk, Kate understood the value of JP's current marketing assets, like recent media interviews, email marketing lists, sales data, and social media engagement. She signed on as an equity investor to crunch the operation's numbers, integrate data-savvy marketing and sales technology, and pitch to media outlets. 


After Kate integrated the technology and cleaned up the data, she and JP co-created cost-analysis spreadsheets for Clinton and Easton to find financial wiggle room. They compared sales and marketing data by day, time, and location to evaluate the logic of keeping both shops open full-time. 


Numbers don't lie. The Clinton shop hindered Easton's growth. JP slowly reduced the hours in Clinton and eventually closed the shop to focus on Easton entirely. With better profit margins, he secured a business loan and purchased equipment for Easton. He then offered frozen drinks and treats with better margins that required lower labor costs. Profits got sweet. 


While the business transitioned to one location, Kate pitched to media outlets. The Chocodiem story made headlines as the Top 10 Chocolatier in North America. Was it Kate or someone else behind this award? We'll never know. Most important, JP received due recognition for his exquisite truffles. 

Two Bear Healing Arts 
Animal Communicator 

Top Box Google 1 Month

Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, and Teacher Susan J. Squittieri wanted a new Search Engine Optimization strategy. She merged two businesses under a new name, Two Bear Healing Arts. Simply redirecting the old website links to the new site wouldn’t get her service offerings to show up on the first page in Google Searches.


Susan contacted Kate Roa for marketing consulting. After an hour-long discovery call, Kate signed on to plan and execute an SEO strategy.


Kate started with the low-hanging fruit, an optimized Google Business page profile with a DBA business name change. The change signaled Google to offer her services with specific keyword query searches within a 90-mile radius.


This marketing tactic immediately paid off. Susan saw an increase in sales calls, requests for directions, and clicks to the homepage of Two Bear Healing Arts. The best payoff was seeing Susan's new business name, Two Bear Healing Arts Animal Communication + Reiki, in Google's coveted box-three-placement, a page-one place above all other competitors.


Susan loves to create and grow professionally, so Kate collaborated with her to update the nurturing writing style with technical SEO titles, meta descriptions, and alt text on every website page. Kate then indexed the site through Google Search Console to bring the website pages into competitive positioning.


The Two Bear Healing Arts website thrived. Customers found Susan’s offerings quickly on Google’s first-page search results. Susan could see an increase in page views and contact submission forms in Google Analytics.


Efforts didn’t stop there. SEO rankings change monthly on a company’s ability to answer questions quickly and concisely. Kate monitors Susan’s site with Google Analytics and Google Search Console and updates content to ensure potential customers find her on the first page.


To date, Susan occupies local and national thought leadership rankings with Google. Kate recently earned a Google featured snippet position for Susan by answering top-of-mind questions quickly and concisely. 

Steve Germano
Solo Entrepreneur

Funded Start-up 1 Month

Steve Germano graduated from Cornell University with high ambitions and sharp culinary and business skills. He quickly launched an online restaurant supply business and started exploring opening a cold-pressed juice cafe in Wykoff, NJ. He had all the start-up costs.


Steve and Kate Roa met and talked about the proposed venture. While the numbers made sense, Kate knew investors evaluate critical thinking skills and market research facts over start-up costs. Kate signed on to write the investor relations material, including a business and marketing plan with accurate numbers.  


Before Steve pitched his idea to Wall Street associates, Kate reviewed the material with him. The two went back and forth in a real-case scenario with complicated analysis questions. 


Steve had his business model down like a Shark Tank contestant. He received the $400K for the cold-pressed juice venture, yet he didn't open the cafe. Instead, he made a financially savvy pivot into a brick-oven pizza parlor that complemented his online restaurant equipment. Go, Cornell! 

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