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If you tally what your best customers spend in a year, it's safe to say 5% of the profit margin after operating costs needs to go into acquiring new customers. The cost of not reinvesting in marketing leads to competitor creep and customer attrition. 


If you need to get a fresh perspective on your business numbers, Kate can help with business analytics reports.

A fair price for marketing services is what you can afford based on the lifetime value of ideal customers, customer acquisition costs + operating expenses.

Suppose you're a start-up business or a business looking to rebrand or run a lead generation campaign.


A quick consulting session with a baseline summary report will bring the numbers into focus with a realistic timeline on when to see a return on investment. For $750.00, you'll have financially grounded answers in two days. 


If you decide to proceed, expect Kate to work with you one-on-one to prioritize the low-hanging fruit in your marketing mix. You'll be surprised how free tactics, minor tweaks, and repurposed content will drive new sales leads.


Kate will price every part of the project in line items so you can comfortably budget. Don't let money stop you. If you have a good idea and the will to succeed, Kate will negotiate a work for equity deal. Most important, get your idea out there! :-)

Do you just need marketing or public relations consulting because you have the skills sets? Kate can be the right-hand person to pull everything together.  Read more about consulting services here

Fun Fact:


An optimized Google Business page profile with an accurate website footer will drive new traffic to your site in two days. 

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