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Turn your wisdom into additional income. 

Talk to Kate + Lou. They will help you get set up with intuitive marketing software and tutor you. Keep stimulating that beautiful mind! 

A stimulated mind soothes the soul and puts a smile on your face. 

Talk to Kate + Lou. They help senior citizens set up easy-to-use marketing software and tutor them. 


Getting started takes minimal skills and a willingness to write once a week. 

Kate + Lou will come to you or you can join them for a Saturday class at their kitchen table from 12:00 to 2:00. 

Bring your laptop and notepad. 

Lou DiGEna + Kate Roa

Meet Robert H. Gardner. 

Kate Roa Marketing Senior Citizen Marketing Coaching and Training

Robert retired from a 30+ year real estate investment career and made a hobby-pivot into selling his photography. We set him up on a Wix website, Facebook, and MailChimp email marketing. At 80+ years, he's selling his prints locally and online.

He's making extra income and financing his photography hobby without dipping into retirement savings. 

Bob grew his business with minimal skills and marketing knowledge and has since expanded his online presence to art galleries.

Meet Bill Devine.

Kate Roa Marketing | Wix E-Commerce Project

Bill retired from a 30+ year internet technology career and made a hobby pivot into selling his chili pepper spice blends. We set him up on a Wix e-commerce site, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Page, and MailChimp email marketing. 


At 65+ years, he sold his spices online and at local events. Within five days, Bill's business made the top box in Google searches, and website traffic increased 400X. Sales in 2018 and early 2020 exceeded previous years. 

Bill learned marketing at our kitchen table!

Meet Lee B. Roth. 

Kate Roa Marketing | Lee B Roth Lawyer

Lee is a 40+ year real estate lawyer that never plans to retire. He loves to stay involved in the Flemington, NJ community, so he transitioned his full-time business to part-time. 


We set him up in 2018 with a Wix website, blog, Facebook page, and email marketing. 


Lee still gets new leads every week with minimal investment. His Wix website has customized contact forms, and the copywriting is search engine optimized for local services.

Keep that beautiful mind active!

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