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Consulting w/ Kate 

When brand consultants are in a jam, they call on Kate to lend a hand.  Based on market research, Kate understands - customer conversions take value + price for sales to land.

Consulting with Kate
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Marketing Strategy 

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Marketing Audits 

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Start-up Plans 

Investor Funding 

Media Outreach

Consulting with Kate pays off. She guarantees results and Never leaves a person wondering about their marketing investment. You can expect an exceptional right-hand confidant who will pull every marketing lever to grow your business.


Kate's proven knowledge and skills include Market Research, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Business Analysis, Marketing Analysis, Marketing Audits, Business Development, Networking Intros, Start-up Plans, Investor Funding, and Media Outreach. 


Her recent successes include a $2.7 million sales pipeline for advertising and public relations giant Kantar/WPP in London, second-round funding for veteran-owned Condition One Nutrition, webinar capacity in one month for Peoples Capital Group, and funding, national media attention, and awards for Choodiem. 


Kate approaches projects by zeroing in on the low-hanging fruit in marketing strategies to gain quick wins. 90% of the time, minor messaging and channel selection shifts move marketing forward. 


If needed, she'll proceed with a deep-dive marketing audit to get a clear picture of what copy + design needs editing. If you need new content or a website overhaul, you can expect a detailed line item estimate and a priority list to keep your project within budget and timeline. 


Sometimes people want a marketing or public relations plan. Sometimes they don't. Most important are quick wins to recoup your investment within 10-20 business days. 

Susan Squitierri | Owner, Two Bear Healing Arts

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with Kate Roa. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is also personable, very confident, positive, and, most important of all, professional.


Kate’s expertise has become an integral part of my online presence. There is no doubt in my mind that she can get the job done or answer a question. Her turnaround time is incredible. I look forward to many more projects together. She is trustworthy and will not lead you astray. I would give her ten stars if Google allowed it

Sharp Consulting to build your brand. Consider this case in hand -

The proof was in the pudding for the chocolatier man.


Kate researched his market position. Then she summoned the press to win recognition. 


Within seven months, Chocodiem became a known brand. They won national awards and adoring fans. 


While sales grew, new confections emerged. Then, marketing and operations efforts converged! 


Behold a profitable business model stands tall. You can visit Chocodiem in the Easton, Pa, mall.  


And so the story goes, the chocolatier man truly understands - value + price build a brand.

Kate Roa Marketing Consulting for Chocodiem
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